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Outdoor Learning

Colton - Forest School - 2023 (10)

Outdoor learning sessions at Colton Primary School 

This year we have looked at developing parts of our curriculum to give children opportunities to build on skills that they need for life. This year we have focused our attention on children making more connections with the natural world around them through planned outdoor learning sessions using our onsite ‘Windmill Woods’.

Through these sessions, children have begun to develop their knowledge of the flora and fauna we may find in a wooded area including some of the dangers we need to be aware of.  

Including building up knowledge of wildlife and seasonal changes, children have been developing cooperation, speaking and listening, and problem-solving skills which are transferrable to back in class.  

Colton - Forest School - 2023 (8)

Colton - Sensory Garden - 2023 (5)

Some of our activities have included: 

  • Weaving willow to make headdresses. 
  • Learning specific knots for a particular purpose. For example, using a timber-hitch knot to create a rope bridge.   
  • Den building for animals and also humans 
  • Building nests for different birds 

Each session follows a similar structure as repetition is essential for supporting children with their learning. 

One of the most important things we want the children to get from these sessions is to gain a respect for the natural environment and understanding the positive impact they can have which in turn has a huge impact on their own well-being. 

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