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Red Kite Learning Trust
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At Colton Primary School, we foster a caring learning environment with high standards and expectations for all pupils, where children grow into responsible, resilient, independent learners.

Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our values, as set out in our mission statement:

“Everyone Successful Everyday” 

Whole school themed curriculum plan    Teaching and Learning Guide

Curriculum Intent 

Colton Primary School’s bespoke and enriched curriculum is designed to recognise the school’s unique characteristics. High expectations across the curriculum promote learning at a greater depth, allowing children to articulate their learning; demonstrating quality thinking and application of knowledge and skills. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values.  Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well mental health and well-being, are prioritised to ensure children have concern for others and an appreciation of diversity. Children leave Colton Primary School as global citizens, who are confident individuals, who are well equipped to participate fully in the next stage of their education.

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Curriculum Implementation 

Our ‘curriculum for life’ is carefully developed to balance national expectations, with a variety of enriched learning experiences, which allow our children to flourish in their learning.  Strategic planning allows the curriculum to be dynamic and adapted to the schools context and the children’s needs. Age-related expectations combine the acquisition of knowledge and skills development to create a purposeful and exciting learning journey for each individual child. Our curriculum has high expectations in developing transferable skills, increasing pupils’ breadth and use of vocabulary and developing strong, appropriate inter-disciplinary subject links. Planning is responsive to children’s needs; incorporating progression of basic skills in an innovative manner to help stimulate the all pupils. A variety of different retrieval practice techniques are used to aid pupils to retain their learning in the long-term memory, which is then developed in subsequent years. A range of continuous and appropriate professional development supports all staff to further develop curriculum pedagogy.

Curriculum Impact  

Colton Primary School uses rigorous monitoring throughout the year to assess the impact of the school’s curriculum design. Learning is assessed through careful analysis of skill application across the curriculum; knowledge acquisition in all subjects and the ability of the pupils to independently showcase their learning. The impact of our curriculum is seen in:

  • Consistency in progress within year groups 
  • Quality, worthwhile and challenging learning experiences  
  • Personalised and innovative teaching, which is influenced by the pupils needs. 
  • The development of global citizens who are resilient, independent and confident individuals 
  • Respectful pupils who have an appreciation of a diverse community and the world around them 
  • Happy, healthy individuals who have the confidence to question themselves and others 

Colton Primary School is part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 7523507, registered office address: Red Kite Office, Pannal Ash Road, Harrogate, HG2 9PH

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