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Extra Curricular and Clubs

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We value personal, social, spiritual, cultural and moral education and time is set aside for this work in class and in our daily assemblies. 

We use the SEAL principles to develop social and emotional aspects of learning. At Colton there is a strong belief that we will enable our pupils to become responsible members of society only by celebrating both academic and wider achievements. Success in areas such as PE, swimming, dance, music and art is valued and develops self-esteem. The requirements of the National Curriculum are the foundation of what is taught at Colton, but we provide many other activities to enhance the education of our pupils and we aim to make their time here as exciting, relevant and as memorable as possible. Children are trusted with responsibilities and roles in school. 

Pupils are encouraged to join in activities to improve the school grounds, such as litter-picking and gardening. Older pupils work in the reception and nursery classes, act as play leaders and eco warriors through the green team and maintain the cloakrooms. Pupils are encouraged to organise competitions and raise awareness for their chosen charities. We organise regular class visits, and extra -curricular clubs and activities.

Pupils sing at the local residential home and we have music workshops and visits from theatre groups. Pupils spend time in the immediate locality and in Leeds, studying shops and buildings. Parents are asked to complete a form, giving us permission to take pupils out on visits throughout the year. There is an annual residential visit Year 6. These visits are usually outdoor and adventurous in style. We request that parents make voluntary contributions towards the cost of school visits, baking and sports sessions. The school does not make a profit on visits or visitors, which we subsidise as far as possible through our budget and school fundraising. All visits are offered on the basis of equal opportunity and no child will be denied access to a visit on financial grounds. Copies of our charging and remissions policy are available in school and on the website. We are not allowed by law to ask for payment towards visits during school time, except for board and lodging on residential visits. If we didn’t receive sufficient contributions towards a particular visit there is a possibility it could be cancelled.  

We aim to provide a physical education programme in which all children can participate and develop confidence and competence in a wide range of activities. Through this programme we encourage everyone to value the contribution that physical education makes towards their health, well being and lifestyle. Our programme includes athletics, educational gymnastics, games, dance, swimming and outdoor pursuits. Through the support of government funding for PE, we employ coaches from different sports and we compete in all the Trust (cluster of local schools) competitions and extend this to city-wide opportunities and play friendly matches against teams from local schools. Our sporting clubs include football, cricket and dance.

To enhance the music curriculum at Colton, we have a visiting brass and woodwind teacher, a guitar teacher and a piano teacher. There is a charge for instrumental tuition. We have a well-established choir run by members of staff who are often invited to sing around the community.

We have a wide range of additional lunchtime and after-school clubs for pupils throughout the year. These include board games, mindfulness, reading and Mathletics.

Colton Primary School is part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 7523507, registered office address: Harrogate Grammar School, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 0DZ

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