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Colton - Music - 2023 (9)At Colton Primary we believe children should be given the time and space in a comfortable environment to express their creative mind.

We believe that music should offer opportunities for children to develop their perception of what music is and sounds like through listening to a broad range of music – including music from different cultures, traditions and times. In addition to this, children should learn about the role music has played in society at certain points of history, and the impact this has had on people and other genres of music. Giving children this knowledge, will allow them to feel more connected to the music they listen to and gain an appreciation for the composers and artists. Developing children’s listening skills will have a positive impact on their ability to compose their own songs and pieces.

Giving children time to create, learn and practise a piece of music (both in small and larger groups) to perform to an audience, will develop many personal skills. Including: self-confidence; resilience to recover from mistakes; and cooperation. Furthermore, we believe that children should have access to learning an instrument; the knowledge and skills children learn through this process are not only transferrable to other subject areas but also increase cognitive abilities.

Progression in Music          Music - Long Term Plan

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