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Attendance & Absence

Colton - Uniform - 2023 (1)Colton Primary School appreciates parents’ support in maintaining positive attendance.


90% attendance means missing on average half a day EVERY week. That’s four whole weeks of school in one year.

90% attendance = a child missing 100 hours of learning each year.

Children with 90% attendance or below miss out on valuable time for social development within their peer group.

Children with average attendance of 90% miss over half a year of education by the time they leave secondary education. We know positive attendance prepares children for their transition into secondary education.

National research suggests that 90% attendance at secondary school = SATS level drop in achievement by the end of year 9 and a GCSE grade lower in all subjects by year 11



A child on holiday for 2 weeks during term time will miss at least 50 hours of learning. Some children never catch up.

We ask parents to help children achieve their full potential by not taking holidays during term time.

We will only authorise term time leave in highly exceptional circumstances.

What if my child is ill?

Your child's health and welfare are extremely important.  The School Nursing Team visit Colton to carry out height, weight and vision checks for children in Reception and Years Six and hearing assessments in Year 1. They also carry out annual flu vaccines for those pupils who have consent from their parents. Parents should contact the school if they do not wish their child to undertake a routine examination or if their child has a medical condition we need to know about. Colton also has a team of staff who are qualified first aiders.

Unfortunately, the teaching staff are not able to support the administration of medicines in school except for the regular use of asthma inhalers where pupils administer these themselves and other medication specifically approved by the Headteacher and on a prescription basis. However, special arrangements can be made; please contact the school office should the need arise.

Pupils who are unwell should not be sent to school. In cases of sickness/diarrhoea, pupils should remain at home for 48 hours after the last bout of illness. Parents are asked to inform school by 9.00 a.m. if their child is not attending. (Staff are not permitted to apply sun cream but will help younger children if you give verbal permission for that).

In the summer, parents are encouraged to apply sun cream at home and send pupils to school with sun-hats. Parents can also provide sun cream which the children can apply as required through the day.  

 If your child has an injury which causes concern, we will contact you for a decision as to further action.  It is essential therefore that emergency contact and medical information is kept up to date. Please inform us of any changes promptly. Staff have a duty to act in loco parentis if we cannot contact you and we will secure medical treatment in an emergency. 

Can we go on holiday in term time?

It is essential that your child attends school as much as possible. Holidays during school time will not be authorised. In exceptional circumstances, a holiday could possibly be authorised but this is extremely rare. Being unable to have any other time off work is not an exceptional circumstance. Please refer to the exceptional circumstances form for details on fines.

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