Admission Arrangements

Red Kite Learning Trust is consulting on admission arrangements for 2022/23. The proposed arrangements are set out below.

If you would like to comment on these arrangements, please send your response to:


or to the registered office address: Admissions Consultation, Red Kite Learning Trust, Harrogate Grammar School, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 0DZ


Proposed admission arrangements can be viewed at:


The deadline for the consultation is 11 January 2021


Admission authorities have to consult on policies periodically and this is the main reason for this consultation.


At Colton Primary School there are three changes which have been made. 


  1. A new oversubscription criterion has been added relating to children who have been in state care outside of England, to reflect proposed changes to the School Admissions Code.


  1. A draft catchment area map for the school has been included in the Admissions Policy, as an update to the previous nearest priority area.  This action is again in line with the School Admissions Code to ensure the catchment area is clearly defined.  Residential addresses formerly included in the nearest priority area have been retained within the newly drafted catchment area. 


  1. Removal of the Supplementary Information Form for previously looked after children.  This proposal is to enable families to submit the information to the Local Authority in a variety of formats.


All other arrangements are the same.

Admissions Consultation 2022/23
Admission Policy 2021/22
School Admission Policy
Nursery Admission

If you would like to put your child's name down for our Nursery waiting list, please email your child's name, date of birth and address to

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