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The Temple Newsam Community Partnership

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Colton Primary School is a Foundation School which has a shared trust with a number of other local schools – The Temple Newsam Learning Partnership: A Co-operative Trust


The Governing Body is the Admissions Authority for the school as part of the co-ordinated scheme with Leeds City Council. Parents and carers must apply for a place at the school using the common preference form which must be returned as specified on the form. Alternatively, parents and carers may apply directly to Leeds City Council online.


The Governing Body of Colton Primary School makes the offer of places in all other year groups and for entry to Reception outside the normal admissions round.


There will be 30 reception places available in September 2019.


Children with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which names Colton Primary will be admitted to the school.


If there are enough places for everyone who has applied, we will offer every child a place.


If we have more applications than available places, the following over-subscription criteria will be applied:


Oversubscription Criteria


Priority 1

a) Children in public care or fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority or children previously looked after by a Local Authority. (See note 1)


b) Pupils without an EHC plan but who have Special Educational Needs, or with exceptional medical or mobility needs, that can only be met at a specific school. (See note 2)


Priority 2

Children with older brothers or sisters who will be at Colton Primary School at the start of the academic year 2019-20. We can give priority for brothers and sisters if they are living in the same house and we receive your application by the closing date. (See note 3). 


Priority 3

Children for whom Colton Primary School is the nearest primary school. (See note 4).


Priority 4

 Children for whom Colton Primary School is not the nearest primary school (see note 5).


Tie Break

If we have more applications which meet one of these priorities than there are places available, we will offer places first to children living nearest the school, measured in a straight line. (See note 5).


Note 1

Children will receive Priority 1a if:

  • they are children currently looked after by a local authority;
  • children fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority;
  • those who have been adopted from local authority care,
  • children who reside with a person named on a Child Arrangements Order immediately following being looked after by the local authority
  • those with a Special Guardianship Order immediately following being looked after by the local authority

Note 2

Colton Primary School works in line with the Children and Families Act 2014 and supports the ethos that every child where possible should be able to have their needs met in local mainstream provision. In the case of special needs we will consider those children without a Statement who have exceptional medical or mobility needs which can realistically only be met by Colton  Primary School. Applications in these categories must be supported by a statement in writing from a doctor or other relevant professional. This is necessary because you will be asking us to assess your child as having a stronger case than other children.


Advice and support can be sought from the Leeds SEND Information Advice and Support Service on 0113 395 1222.


Note 3

For these purposes, brothers and sisters must be living at the same address as your child. Siblings refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, foster brother or sister. The definition does not include cousins or other family members sharing a house.


Note 4

For admission purposes, the home address is where the child usually lives with their parent or carer. You must not give the address of a childminder or relative. When we make an offer, we assume your address will be the same in the following September but you must use your current address. If you move after the deadline in January 2019 you must tell the school and Leeds City Council of your new address.


If it is found that a false address has been given with the aim of fraudulently securing a school place, that place may be withdrawn, even if the child has already started at the school.


The Local Authority use a national computer system to run the school-admission system. As part of this system there is a program that measures the ‘straight-line’ distance from the centre of the main school building to your home address. The point the Local Authority measure to at your home address is determined by the Local Land and Property Gazzetteer (LLPG).  This information provides us with coordinates for every dwelling. If the Local Authority are not able to match your address with the LLPG then the centre of your dwelling will be used. In the unlikely event there are insufficient places for two (or more) pupils living in the same building (e.g. flats) or otherwise equidistant from the school, then any final place will be allocated by the drawing of lots.


Note 5

If you live in another local authority and the closest school to your home, by straight line, is a school not in Leeds you are still able to apply for a Leeds School but priority 4 will not apply. 


If a school has to move to a temporary site for any reason, such as the building being damaged by a fire, we will base our distance measurements on the school’s permanent site.


Note 6

Leeds City Council has a protocol to admit ‘hard to place’ children, outside the normal admission round and above the published admission number, in accordance with the DfE advice.  These are special cases arranged outside the boundaries of this admissions policy.



In Leeds, almost all children start primary school in the September following their 4th Birthday. You must ensure your child receives an appropriate full time education from the term following their fifth birthday. A place in a nursery does not guarantee a place in main school. Parents and carers must apply for a place if they want their child to transfer to the reception class.


Late Applications

If you return the preference form after the deadline we cannot guarantee to consider your preferences at the same time as those received on time.  Any primary applications returned after 24 February 2019 will only be dealt with once all other preferences have been considered, unless there are significant and exceptional reasons. Late applications received at that point will be considered before placements are made (where no preference could be met.


Accepting Offers

Parents will be asked to accept the offer of a school place.  This will not affect their position on any waiting list for a higher preference, or their right to appeal.  Parents who do not wish to accept the offer, or do not accept the offer within a reasonable time, may have the place withdrawn.


Waiting List

After offers have been made on 16 April 2019, parents can ask to go on the waiting list for any school. Waiting lists will be held in criteria order of the admission policy and will close at the end of the academic year (July 2019).


Any places that become available will be filled from the waiting list.


Notification of Places


In accordance with the co-ordinated admissions policy, on 16th April 2018 Leeds City Council will make the formal offer of a place to parents and carers or guardians on behalf of the Governing Body of the school. Parents and carers should contact the school by telephone or letter to either confirm or reject acceptance of the offered place.


This will in no way affect parents’ and carers’ right of appeal for a place at another school.


In-Year applications


From September 2010 it is a requirement of the national School Admissions Code (February 2009) that all enquiries and applications for places in schools are addressed to the school using an ‘In Year Common Transfer Form’.


After contacting the school about the availability of places the authority will then write, on behalf of the governing body, to the applicants with the result of their application.

Where a family has moved into the area from abroad, another part of the country or city, and the child is effectively out of education, the application will be considered for an immediate start in the school, if there is a place available.


Where parents and carers simply request a transfer for any other reason the application will be considered for the start of the following term.


For all in-year applications, please contact the Admissions Department of Leeds City Council on 0113-2224414.


Applications outside the normal admission round

All applications outside the normal admission round should be made on Leeds’ In-year Common Preference Form. Where a house move has taken place and your child can no longer reasonably get to their previous school, a place will be offered at your highest preference school. If the schools are full you will be offered a right of appeal and told the next nearest school with an available place. (Written proof of your new address will be required). Where no house move has taken place you will only be offered a place at one of your preferences, where a place is available, and to start at the beginning of the next term. Where no places are available you will be offered your right of appeal but no other school will be offered. Where we are unable to offer your highest preference school we will automatically add you to the waiting list for your preferred schools. When you receive your offer / refusal letter you should advise us if you do not wish to be on the waiting list for any of your preferred schools. All waiting lists will close on the end of term July 2019.


Deferment for summer born children

Parents and carers of children who are offered a place at the school before they are of compulsory school age can defer their child’s entry until later in the school year or until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year. Parents and carers should still apply in the normal admission round for 2019, and indicate this on their preference form, and attach any evidence of the need for deferment from any associated professionals. Deferment will be assessed on an individual case by case basis. Where entry is deferred, the school will hold the place for that child and not offer it to another child during the remainder of the school year.  The head teacher will give appropriate advice to those parents who may wish to defer entry. However, parents and carers cannot defer entry beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, nor beyond the academic year for which the original application was accepted. Whilst deferred entry is permitted, this action is not one that the governors and school advocate. Parents and carers can also request that their child attends part-time until the child reaches compulsory school age. 


Appeals Procedure

Parents and carers who want to appeal against the Governors’ decision not to offer their child a place at the school must appeal to Leeds City Council. Appeals should be addressed to the Admissions Team within 10 days of receiving the decision letter from Leeds City Council.


The appeal will be heard by an independent appeals panel. Parents and carers will receive notification of the date and time of their appeal hearing, to which they can go and make their case. If they wish, parents and carers may be accompanied by an advisor or friend. Following the appeal, the Clerk to the appeals panel will write to parents and carers with the decision.

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